Sospiro Diapason EDP

Sospiro Diapason EDP

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Sospiro Diapason

Diapason, noun: A grand swelling burst of harmony.
An ambitious name for a music-inspired scent, but luckily, Sospiro fragrances do not lack for ambition. Riding a crescendo of rich Bulgarian rose, given unisex richness atop an enthralling lick of Egyptian Geranium, swirled through a fluttering heart of amber and marching to the rhythm of a thrum of American gaiac, it would be impossible not to feel the music deep within your bones. Even as the orchestra fades, the slow, steady hum of Haitian vetiver and soft, soothing musk cradles you like the vibration that still animates the newly quiet concert hall. The crowd is enchanted, forever connected by a moment when an entire symphony came together for a moment of sheer musical bliss.


Diapason Notes:

Top: Bulgarian Rose, Geranium

Middle: Guaiac Wood, Atlas Cedar 

Base: Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Musk

Sospiro Diapason