Bespoke and MadE To Measure Tailoring


A Davido Afnani suit is completely hand-sewn, according to the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring. We produce garments according to the geometric shapes of the customer, every seam will be made by hand, for the customer’s body, with mastery, skill and wisdom. Unique and exclusive, a Davido Afnani suits is the reflection of an elegant simplicity. Starting from premium fabrics, we create a shirt, a trouser, a jacket, all sewn - and finished - by hand.  

A Davido Afnani bespoke jacket is fully canvassed. Canvas, collar, lining, buttonholes, stitching, joists are made totally by hand. Our bespoke shirt is supervised by an accurate embroiderer, who enriches it with 9 handmade operations: collar, shoulder, armholes, wrist, the front placket, joists, buttonholes, labels. The “Modus Operandi” follows three methodologies: "Bespoke", "Made to Order" and “Ready to wear". We follow meticulously every manufacturing step in order to give you the best quality, perfectly sewed with flawless fit

As in a sacred ritual, our garment is the result of a meticulous work made of many hours, eyes, hands, and minds, together of course with needle, thread, scissors, meter, thimble and fabric scraps. At Davido Afnani, the position of the tailor is essential: with the experience and the quietness, he is a trusted, discreet friend you can count on to dress up in every situation of your life . Our in house team dresses you up as a special person and interprets your need to feel unique. The tailor well knows that your suit will be a symphony composed for you, notes after notes, stitch after stitch .

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