MDCI La Surprise EDP

MDCI La Surprise EDP

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MDCI La Surprise

Inspired by The Pursuit, one of four paintings that make up Jean-Honoré Fragonard's "The Process of Love" collection, La Surprise is a bright and striking vintage-inflected feminine scent. The painting, meant to depict the first stage of love- courtship- shows a bold young man emerging into a garden where three young ladies are playing in a fountain, offering a rose to his beloved, who turns away in surprise. It's a painting of clever nuance, the outcome uncertain to all involved, from the unsteady suitor to the blushing courtesan to even the apprehensive cherub sculptures who loom above. It's a message, perhaps, about the risks one must take to find love, but also the triumphs that only such risks can produce.

La Surprise - Notes:

Green accord, cardamom, white flowers, rose, peach, woody accord, musks, solar notes