Davido Afnani

 Davido Afnani



The Philosophy

Four simple words sum up our trademark style: fabric, quality, color and cut. These characteristics, together with a wealth of experience, a wide range of expertise and handpicked suppliers, form the foundations of Davido Afnani .

Davido Afnani master tailor and owner of the company, started learning the art of fashion as an apprentice at the age of 19. Over the years he has got to know many courageous, fashion-conscious men and their individual styles. Many are still regular clients today; some come in to store every week, while others make lengthy trips to visit us a few times a year to stay up to date, refresh their style and sometimes even reappraise their tastes. These are the men we have in mind when we plan our new collections, expand our selection of accessories or design completely new models. Our collection today, our accessories, Footwear.Fragrances and our collaborations were inspired by our clients. They have also contributed to the philosophy we adhere to in our store: exclusive choice, individual style. Our brand today should be a natural part of our clients' personal brands tomorrow, whether they are in need of a discreet update or an entirely new look .



The Store

Ever since the beginning of Davido Afnani store has always been somewhat a deliberate choice for men who consider clothing as an indicator of lifestyle. Davido Afnani has always aimed to be different, not just in how we see our style but also in the feelings we want our store to evoke. .

You make time to visit us, and we like that. We want you to take your time, finger the fabrics and try our clothes on. A pair of socks, gloves or a tie may be a straightforward purchase, but when it comes to an outfit, making your personal choice – the right details, "No detail is to small the right colors – can and should take time. And whether you know exactly the look and feel you are after or have no specific ideas at all and need some inspiration, we make sure that whatever you take home has the best possible quality and fit. In our store you will also meet Davido owner but also experienced stylist. That means he can help whether you require in-depth specialist advice or just that extra touch of inspiration.  



He owe the success of his business to the strong base of loyal clients, that he has built since 2007. Education and informing about such things as proper fit, that is based on trust and provides them with a feeling that they are in good hands.

Our considerable expertise is the result of many years' experience in the menswear sector, creating a body of knowledge that is both unique and personal. This enables us to always provide the best possible service for our clients.




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